Senior Housing 

As we age, there may come a time when living in a house can be too much work and it may be time to downsize into a smaller apartment. Senior Housing is available for those who are able to remain living independently but would like a smaller space or to be closer to other seniors. 

Independent Living

Independent living communities consist of homes, condominiums and apartments where residents maintain an independent lifestyle. These communities typically offer only a minimal amount of amenities or services.   Independent living allows seniors more time to themselves and less time performing home maintenance and yard work.

Subsidized Housing

Subsidized housing is typically an apartment complex that can offer financial assistance to low-income seniors to allow them to remain independently living in the community. Subsidized housing is a government program through the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Seniors must meet certain income guidelines to qualify. If eligible for subsidized housing, rent would be approximately 30% of a senior’s income.

Congregate Living

A congregate care facility combines private living quarters with centralized dining services, shared living spaces, and access to social and recreational activities. Many congregate care facilities offer transportation services, personal care services, rehabilitative services, spiritual programs, and other support services. 

Housing Vouchers

Housing vouchers are another program through the Department of Housing and Urban Development. If a senior is eligible for a voucher through the Section VIII program, the senior will receive a voucher to pay their rent to a landlord that will accept it. Vouchers are very rarely available, and it may be a long process in obtaining one. 

If you are looking for housing resources with higher levels of care, please visit our Long Term Care Page.

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